If you are a Recruitment Agency and would like to aid us in introducing suitable talent to the roles that we are looking for, we have made this simple!

All you have to do is recommend candidates to us under the Recruitment Agency Bounty Program and when your candidate is successful for the role, we will reward you with a Placement Fee.

How This Works

  • Check out the roles we have: Link
  • Apply to the Recruitment Agency Bounty Program (this page)
  • Fill in the application form with details of you and your referral, and submit!
  • You will hear back from us should the referral be suitable for the role.


if you have the interest to establish a relationship with us, apply to this post as well!

What's on Offer

  • Bounty for successful candidates introduced by your Recruitment Agency.
  • The Bounty will be a percentage of the successful candidate's annual base, at 35%.

What's the Catch?

At DeGate, we are of the community, by the community and for the community. We believe that when Recruitment friends are looking to help fulfil our needs, we ought to make this process simpler, faster and easier! We might not know you, but we definitely welcome you! Most importantly, we most definitely should recognise your effort in introducing a suitable candidate to us! That said, we do need you to comply with our simple T&C, refer to them at the latter half of this page. Don't worry, it's just some simple guidelines to move us along!

For direct communication with us, please reach out to recruit@degate
No promises but we will try our best to get back to you asap!

T&C for Recruitment Agency Bounty Program

  • Inform Candidates - Please inform all Candidates that their details are being shared with us.
  • Blind Introductions - Recruitment Agencies can choose to blind certain information about the candidate during submission. We will get in touch with you should we be interested in your candidate, upon which we will recognise your Introduction.
  • Accepted Introduction - All Introductions must first be accepted by us in order to qualify for the Bounty. An Introduction is considered accepted if you hear back from us about your submission. This is to avoid any misunderstanding and candidate ownership issues that might arise.
  • Candidate Ownership - We seek your understanding that in the event a candidate is already known to us, or has been presented by another party, then we are unable to recognise your Introduction. As a general rule of thumb, the party who presented the candidate earliest will hold the ownership and the entitled Bounty if successful.
  • Successful Candidate - A candidate who has successfully been selected for the role.
  • Bounty Reward* - Bounty will only be rewarded to a Recruitment Agency for a successful candidate. The payout* will be 3 months after the candidate starts on the role. The reward amount will be a rate** against the annual base offered to the candidate.
    *Payout be in the form of Fiat Currency or tokens (the recipient will have the choice of USDC or DG Tokens).
    **Rate will be 20% for non-engineering roles and 22% for engineering roles.


Recruitment Agencies can also choose to negotiate and sign terms with clauses such as Placement Fee, Guarantee Period, Replacement etc. For that, get in touch with us at recruit@degate, or correspond your preference for such terms once we accepted your Introduction.