The role is based in the GMT+8 Timezone. We can engage you in Singapore, China or remotely if applicable.

About Us

DeGate is limit orders, decentralised.

We are an order book-centric Decentralised Exchange (DEX) trading protocol that is secured by Ethereum, utilising a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) structure that has full control over its treasury. This is a next-gen exchange with the ambition to provide features commonly found in Centralised Exchanges (CEX) such as Order Book Trading, Grid Trading, and Super Fast Transactions along with all the best parts of the decentralised world such as Self-Custody, Trustless, Permissionless, Low Fees, Security etc.

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We Want You

We are looking for individuals who are keen to join our group of talented project contributors. You are someone who:

  • has an immense interest in blockchain-related technology
  • well on your way to being a Crypto-Native
  • has an insatiable thirst for growth and learning,
  • is keen to build and grow together with the industry

What you'll be doing

  • Design and implement Zero-Knowledge rollups by integrating Zero-Knowledge proof into the blockchain;
  • Understand the unique characteristics of trading systems and grid trading methodology;
  • Research and design new Zero-Knowledge proof methodologies, thus reducing on-chain cost as much as possible while ensuring performance;
  • Keep engineering teams up-to-date with the latest Zero-Knowledge Proof research.

What you'll need

  • Proficient in cryptography subjects such as Zero-Knowledge Proof, secure multi-party computation, threshold signature, ring signature, aggregate signature and homomorphic encryption;
  • Solid competency and knowledge in the area of Security in Cryptography;
  • Proficient in the principles and implementations of Zero-Knowledge Proof algorithms. Proficient in applying the principles and secondary development of commonly used tool libraries;
  • Proficient in C/C++/Rust and other languages to implement and optimize algorithms;
  • Possess strong ability in documentation, and can accurately explain the most cutting-edge cryptography technology to others.

Good-to-have Requirements

  • Preferably someone who has been closely following the developments and achievements in cryptography;
  • Preferably Masters or above with disciplines in computer science, information security, and applied mathematics. A Doctorate degree would be highly preferred;
  • Preferably with published papers at international cryptography conferences are preferred;
  • Good command of English and Chinese language due to communication and documentation in such mediums.

For Chinese JD

Bounty Scheme

If you have a candidate to refer to us or is an agency with suitable candidates, you can consider the applicable Bounty Programmes, which promise good rewards for your effort.

Applicable Bounty Programs: Referral Bounty Program or Recruitment Agency Bounty Program

Bounty: Get rewarded up to USD 10,000